I’m a 21-year-old computer scientist with interests in applied cryptography and computational geometry. I’m a polyglot programmer and web developer, having built systems for designing 3D printable objects on the web during a year out.

I’ve won quite a few open data hackdays and created services like UOY Bus and iREPL. As a member of the Open Rights Group I believe in internet freedom and strong civil liberties. I’ve an interest in the future path of humanity, encouraged by AI research and the Long Now Foundation.

As a 2nd-year undergrad at York I represent my year on department committees, organise outside sponsors and events for HackSoc and do publicity for ShockSoc. I also regularly raise eyebrows at YUMS by saying Math (without the s).

I grew up in West Yorkshire and plan to emigrate after graduating in 2016, probably to Germany or California.

You can email me at (PGP key) or watch my work on Github.