Michael Mokrysz

I'm a 24-year-old software engineer interested in Rust, systems and web development. I'm a Developer building a PaaS for Government that's the best at the Government Digital Service. Email hi@46b.it or see my CV. My pronouns are they/them.

Some years ago I participated in and won quite a few open data hackdays. This led to a front-page feature in The Observer. Shortly after that I led development at a Y Combinator startup working on simple in-browser modelling for 3D Printing, such as with our early prototype Cookie Caster. Our former CEO Nemil’s blog is a fantastic read.

After Dreamforge I took a bit of a break and went back to York to finish my degree. There I helped run the Swing Dance Society, HackSoc and ShockSoc. I wrote a few data and analysis pieces for Nouse, built a campus bus aggregator and helped built a set for the amateur dramatic society. I also studied MEng Computer Science and got a 1st on a project extrapolating short videos and timelapses to predict the future… it was nearly as cool as it sounds.

As a member of the Open Rights Group, the Long Now Foundation and someone interested in Effective Altruism I believe in internet freedom, strong civil liberties and sustainable growth. I’m concerned by ongoing misrepresentation of free-speech and very much favour increasing diversity in Software Engineering.

You can email me at michael@46b.it, read my blog here or see some of my programming work on Github. There’s also a notepad of things worth writing about you’re welcome to suggest additions to.