It's been a while since I mentioned much about what I'm actually up to, so with a hackday for the UK Commission on Employment & Skills earlier this week it was a great opportunity to publicly play with a crazy idea.

The aim of the database we were using was to help people make more informed decisions. However one trend as of late is people being encouraged to get a degree just to have one: rather than as something to help them or even something to interest them. Hence my rather tangential aim was to encourage people to think honestly about what's really right for them.

So as any self-respecting hacker would, I built a site to jokingly encourage college dropouts. Using real vacancy & pay data. Despite the hidden jibe, it was a joint winner. So for your amusement may I present "Dropout Or Not".

(Obviously this is a joke. If it's time for you to drop out then you'll probably have realised that already. Don't decide based on what my 4-hour hack tells you. Think for yourself. That's hopefully enough of a disclaimer.)

Updated 17/05/2012 to reflect renaming from 'Should I Drop Out?' to 'Dropout Or Not'.

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